DVD Authoring

DVD authoring is the process of adding graphics and interactive content to a DVD. This might include an opening logo, main menu page, trailer, director’s comments, index, or scene selection. It can also incorporate options such as multiple language selection and subtitles.

Corporate Video offer a complete range of DVD authoring services to business, industry and private clients including:

DVD Authoring

  • DVD Authoring
  • Menu and sub-menu design
  • Designing navigation and chapter points
  • Setting autoplay and repeat play options
  • Video transcoding from tape or file
  • Video editing
  • Adding photo slideshows to DVDs
  • Foreign language voiceover recording
  • DVD & CD duplication


Whether it’s a sophisticated interactive DVD, a simple transfer from video or copies of a DVD, we have the expertise and in-house facilities to cater for your requirements.

At Corporate Video, our aim is to make DVD work for you.