Our approach to video is based on three principles :

  1. Teamwork
    Working as a team alongside the client ensures that the best use is made of the multi-disciplinary skills of writer, director, editor and technical staff.
  2. Production values
    Ensuring that the very highest production values are achieved within your allocated budget.
  3. Understanding the message
    Being absolutely clear about your objectives and the target audience from the outset.

Bringing your ideas to life

Our primary aim is to provide clients with creative solutions for using video online.

Our team has the skills and experience necessary to make on-line video work for you. These skills include script writing, project management and concept development, camera operation, video editing, video graphics and special effects.

We write and storyboard all our productions, with input from both in-house staff and client’s representatives. Remember that a solid story structure and shooting script are the foundation stones of every successful project.

Key Personnel

Richard Conroy Daniel St.Ledger Tom Bell Barrie Dowdall

Richard Conroy is managing director of Corporate Video, and has produced videos for the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin Bus, IMMA, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Oracle, NTR plc, ENFO, Multiprint Labels Ltd., 3Com, NIFAST and ICTU among others.

Daniel St. Ledger, editor and online media specialist, has been with Corporate Video since 2003 and has worked on online video projects for a variety of our clients.

Tom Lee has been with Corporate Video for two years, working as a digital media specialist, cameraman and editor. Tom has worked on a wide range of our projects including television documentaries, corporate videos, music videos and short films. Tom has undertaken ground and drone shoots in Ireland and the UK.

Barrie Dowdall has filmed and directed programmes for government departments, community projects, local authorities and NGOs on subjects including coastal erosion, civil engineering, food aid distribution, teenager school leavers, and immigration. He has worked as a filmmaker in Pakistan, Jordan, Nepal, Nigeria, Indonesia, Australia, USA and throughout Europe, producing work for various broadcasters including RTE, BBC, TG4, PBS, ZDF, The History Channel and Channel 9.